Lord Of The Flies

I don't care for this world anymore
I just want to live my own fantasy
Fate has brought us to these shores
What was meant to be is now happening

I've found that I like this living in danger
Living on the edge it makes feel as one
Who cares now what's right or wrong
It's reality
Killing so we survive
Wherever we may roam
Wherever we may hide
We've got to get away

I don't want existence to end
We must prepare ourselves for the elements
I just want to feel like we're strong
We don't need a code of morality

I like all the mixed emotion and anger
It brings out the animal
The power you can feel
And feeling so high on this much adrenalin
Excited but scary true
To believe what we've become

Saints and sinners
Something within us
We are lord of the flies

Saints and sinners
Something willing us
To be lord of the flies

Ooooh! Ooooh! Ooooh! Ooooh!

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