The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg

Let me tell you about my life
Let me tell you about my dreams
Let me tell you about the things that happen
Always real to me

Let me tell you of my hope
Of my need to reach the sky
Let me take you on an awkward journey
Let me tell you why

Why should these curses be laid upon me
I won't be forgiven 'til I can break free
What did I do to deserve all this guilt
Pay for my sins with the sale of my soul
Demons are trapped all inside of my head
My hopes are gone, reach for heaven from hell

My sins are many, my guilt is too heavy
The pressure of knowing, of hiding what I know
I'm able to see things, things I don't want to see
The lives of a thousand souls weigh heavy down on me

I know they're crying for help, reaching out
The burden of them will take me down as well
The sin of a thousand souls not died in vain
Reincarnate, still in me live again

Someone to save me
Something to save me from myself
To bring salvation
To exorcise this hell

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